To Keep Your Brand’s Social Engagement Strong, Concentrate on These 3 Questions

Q: What exactly are many of the most effective social strategies you’ve seen to encourage long-term engagement with a brand? — Jacqueline Clary

A: That is an excellent question and one I often get asked. I say “often” as don’t assume all business sees social media as a long-term engagement mechanism. The volume of times I hear a company only uses social media because they think they need to has diminished through the years, but you may still find some out there who don’t get that digital is here now to stay, and for that reason neglect to embed it deeply within their future plans.

Defining “long term” within any customer life cycle is tricky and depends upon the company and the merchandise or service you’re selling, but with any integrated online marketing strategy is needs to focus on the brand. You should know your mission, understand who your competition are and create experiences that are discoverable, memorable and shareable.

If you have the brand right and everyone in your company is breathing involved with it, you should use social media in an effort to keep authentic engagement going within an integrated approach concentrating on these three questions:

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Social-media engagement is real-time, so are you setup to respond quickly to any call outs or questions? Have you got a response protocol setup to deal with faqs and what goes on if an emergency ensues? Consumers on social media have little patience, so getting the right processes setup to disseminate answers is important before your rivals slips right within and whips that possible client from under your nose.

Being agile does mean to be able to react quickly to outside opportunities. Have you got a content calendar setup with ideas for future events or holidays and supposing a significant celebrity wants you to greatly help them #BreakTheInternet? Have you got steps set up to make the most of situations like this?

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So a lot of what we see on the web can frankly be depressing. Cat videos and suchlike do so well because they make people laugh and make sure they are feel great. There is other kinds of content which has meaning too and provides people a positive experience that shines above the mundane. While I’m not suggesting you dash out to your neighborhood animal shelter, I believe brands that prosper long term have their customers’ well-being at heart. They get that it pays dividends to purchase methods to tell stories, either of their own, or by welcoming those from their loyal following,

Even while recently as 3 years ago, in the event that you asked anyone in the pub just what a meme was or if indeed they knew that which was trending at this time, you’d likely have drawn many a blank stare. In 2014, individuals are way savvier in terms of marketing and how brands want to engage them, so making sure you aren’t following herd in your niche can help you stand out a bit more. Engaging your followers with some surprise now and then doesn’t mean a complete change in direction, it just means changing up everything you share and how you interact which means that your marketing doesn’t become predictable and mundane.

If the common Tweet has a duration of 18 minutes and the brand content reach of Facebook could possibly be next to nothing now without spending money on it, a long-term engagement strategy across social channels may seem an excessive amount of an investment given the ever-changing nature of digital. But being agile, delightful and unexpected within an integrated way through your marketing will go quite a distance to creating experiences by which your target audience would want to stay engaged with you for the long term.

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