TO BOOST Your Likelihood of Getting an Interview, CONCENTRATE ON This Strategy

Q: When looking at resumes, what exactly are key elements that will probably get an interview? And just how much do many thanks notes weigh on the procedure?

A: The resume process has changed and LinkedIn, your social-media presence and any publicly available work that you’ve done all factor in to the decision whether to interview someone. However, the essential objectives of your resume and how you present yourself as well as your work are largely unchanged.

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Below are a few elements to spotlight:

  • Highlight differentiating achievements — either unique experiences or large achievements that can help your resume stick out from the pack.
  • Demonstrate leadership capabilities by showing that you can to intensify when the circumstances want it and help a team reach a positive outcome.
  • Provide types of commitment and follow-through activity. Perhaps you have completed large projects? Worked at a company for more than almost a year? Many candidates fall right into a habit of job hopping or focusing on only small projects, if you have already been part of something big or stayed at a company for some time, highlight this.
  • Mention hobbies and personal interests

However, the resume is a gating step in the bigger talent-acquisition process, so I’ll speak more generally in what we seek inside our applicants.

In short, FIT. We search for people to participate a “ F un and I ntelligent T eam.” By fun, After all people that you love working with at the business. If you were to visit with this potential colleague, would you board the plane together or put your headphones in and prevent each other? According to the answer, might help determine the cultural fit the employee could have with the business.

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Intelligence is actually important. We seek those who are ready to learn and who learn quickly. Even though technical skills are essential, they may be trained face to face.

Finally, teamwork. We can’t create a company out of mavericks — that doesn’t scale. I search for those who are strong team players and who recognize that we’re in a position to accomplish more together.

To recognize FIT in an applicant, my managers will most likely ask about interests beyond work. The very best candidates have the ability to provide differentiated answers that help clarify or underscore their character and values. Likewise, I’ll often ask hypothetical questions about how exactly an applicant would problem solve in a team setting. You’d be surprised just how many people fail to start to see the forest from the trees and concentrate on just the problem rather than the team aspect.

In regards to to thank-you notes, courteous communication is always important through the entire interview process. However, instead of talk with the weight of a thank-you note specifically, it’s important that any communication you send is responsive, professional and direct.

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