Robert Scoble: Tech ‘Treps OUGHT TO BE Crazy Passionate

Robert Scoble’s finger is on the pulse of technology. He not merely blogs about tech and publicly speaks about any of it, he follows almost 33,000 people and organizations on Twitter. He’s passionate about social media and emerging technologies — and the entrepreneurs in it — to the idea of obsession.

After serving as a technical evangelist at Microsoft in the first 2000s and later as a vice president of a video podcasting network called PodTech, the favorite tech blogger works as a managing director of Rackspace, a cloud-based internet hosting company in San Antonio, Texas. We sat down with Scoble to discuss tech startups and the trends that are guiding the industry.

What follows can be an edited version of our exchange:

Entrepreneur: What does an aspiring tech entrepreneur must be successful? Scoble: Be passionate about your idea to the idea of craziness. Unless you’re so passionate about your proven fact that you are going to keep carrying it out until you die, you’re most likely not likely to develop to full potential.

If you speak to venture capitalists, they look for some things. One, does the entrepreneur have a team behind her or him that may deliver on the business enterprise plan? Adoption is another big thing. Is anyone using the merchandise?

For me personally, a tech startup should be within an interesting area, what I call "battlefields." In the event that you show me a OR WINDOWS 7 app, I don’t care whether it’s the coolest thing you ever considered. In the event that you show me the app on an iPad, I’ll oftimes be more interested. The iPad may be the future.

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Entrepreneur: What’s the continuing future of social media and tech? Scoble: I believe we’re at the start of a shift, moving from the conversation age to a far more contextual age. Google Glasses, which we’re needs to see prototypes of, informs us what this contextual age means. If I’m walking outside, they should be in a position to show me information that I have to know while walking. Not really a movie, because I have to walk and navigate. EASILY start worries . they should show information regarding accidents or speed limits. It’s about context.

Entrepreneur: What inspires you professionally? Scoble: I really like meeting people who start to see the world in a fresh way. Seated with Tony Hsieh at Zappos and understanding what customer support is centered on. Or with Sergey Brin to determine that he’s focusing on these glasses and self-driving cars, obtaining a glimpse at the way the world might shift due to what he’s doing at Google.

Entrepreneur: How does one stick to top of your game? Scoble: I’m a social media fanatic. Within my desk, I’ve three big screens before me which I watch Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Gmail, Quora, Techmeme, Salesforce Chatter therefore i know very well what my co-workers are discussing — you name it. I sit there and it’s really like the world involves me.

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