Rob Kosberg on how best to Create Content That Drives Business Results

In this series called Member Showcase, we publish interviews with members of The Oracles. This interview has been Rob Kosberg, CEO and founder of Best Seller Publishing, a company that helps experts position themselves within their marketplace with a bestselling book. It had been conducted and condensed by The Oracles.

1. Who was simply your biggest influence growing up?

My first mentor was my father. He was a business owner with his own property company and taught me the worthiness of effort. At 18, I started selling property and didn’t know any thing. Dad took me aside and said, “To reach your goals, arrive at any office at 7 a.m. each morning, print out the expired listings, get the newspaper (remember, this is pre-internet) and can get on the telephone by 8 a.m.”

I followed his advice, calling every expired listing all day long, each day. By my second month running a business, I’d sold five homes. Within the first couple years, I became a high 100 agent for Century 21 PROPERTY in Florida.

2. What exactly are you more skilled at than a lot of people on the globe?

My superpower is helping others build “attention” around their life and business. With the proper content and promotional techniques, I could show people how exactly to go from hunting clients to presenting clients hunt them.

There are key principles behind attracting leads. These same guiding principles could be game-changing for folks across fields: surgeons, dentists, coaches, consultants, plumbers, etc. I’ve a knack for helping others apply those principles so their businesses grow.

3. What excites you the most about your business at this time?

It’s super exciting watching people’s businesses being transformed by publishing a book. Just recently, among my authors was invited to handle the United Nations due to his publication. Business is rewarding, but it’s challenging, right? If you are always worried about where in fact the next customer is via, that isn’t very fun as a business owner. A business’s lifeblood is attracting new customers.

I enjoy help people create the processes and systems that ensure they’ll hardly ever really need to worry about where their next customer is via again. I really like giving companies those tools.

4. What book changed your mindset or life?

For a book guy, I wasn’t a devoted reader in senior high school. Only later in life did I uncover the wealth of wisdom in books.

I couldn’t offer you a unitary book that changed my mindset; it had been more the act of reading many as time passes. I’m currently reading Ray Dalio’s “Principles,” which includes been eye-opening. Dalio is a self-made billionaire, who has run the biggest hedge fund on the globe for many years, and here he’s, sharing in a number of hundred pages everything he knows. After all, where else is it possible to access that sort of priceless knowledge however in a book?

5. What advice would you share with your younger self?

I’d tell myself to spotlight creating content in every forms: articles with books, video quite happy with training videos, audio quite happy with podcasts-there’s nothing more valuable than creating content which has a purpose. I discovered the true value of content when I wrote my first book in 2008, and had my very own radio show. The proper content attracts a self-selected band of fans who could be transformative in growing your business.

6. How would you define great leadership?

There’s a leadership pyramid. In the bottom is a generalist. One level up from that is clearly a specialist. Another level (where things get really exciting) can be an expert, a thought leader. Towards the top of the pyramid, celebrity. Great leaders connect to their audience. You will be the smartest person on the planet, but if you are perceived poorly in your industry as well as worse, nobody knows you, in that case your knowledge is worthless. That’s unfortunate but it’s the reality.

7. How would you evaluate an excellent business deal?

An excellent business deal includes a win-win scenario. That sounds cliché, but whether it’s not really a win for your partner, they won’t be committed to your success.

Many individuals want to choose my brain free of charge advice, but free advice may be the worst sort of information as the person asking won’t do anything with it. Unless they’ve invested something and also have “skin in the overall game,” they won’t invest in following through. I search for business deals where there’s a win-win and both parties are committed to the results.

8. Which habit offers you 80 percent of your outcomes?

My morning routine is vital if you ask me. First, I devote some time for prayer and meditation. Then, I consume content and create content. I read or watch something that’s valuable to my entire life or business. I take down notes and consider it. Then, I create content that I believe will be valuable and change lives in the lives of my audience.

9. What exactly are you working on at this time?

I am going all in on platform-building. There are three primary methods to build your platform. One is pay for traffic, which we execute a large amount of. Another is media placements, and our in-house PR department places clients for that. The last is owning the platform yourself. Which means things such as podcasting, YouTube, blogging-which I’ve neglected. So, that’s something I’m concentrating on now: creating a new blog and my podcast.

10. What would you like your legacy to be?

My children. I am married for 29 years; we are super close. We’ve three kids and we’re a tight-knit family. For me personally, legacy is about my partner and children. I would like to ensure they’re supported in every their dreams. I would like to be the sort of dad, leader, and husband who makes them proud. Maybe that sounds just a little corny, but if things aren’t right in the home, then w

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