Maximizing Live Experiences to Build Brands

In the not-too-distant past brand managers and marketing directors used to evaluation the success of live events based primarily on the metrics then available — number of attendees and press impressions.

With the explosion of social media and digital analytics, however, along with brands’ realization of the need for developing and deploying engaging content on a continuing basis, increasingly more brands are implementing live experiences as a crucial component in the marketing mix.

IT ISN’T You, It’s Your Story: Why Branding Matters

Today, these live events and experiences ought to be conceived through the lens of a more substantial strategic platform; and businesses also needs to let critical factors work in collaboration with these events, for maximum efficiency and ROI. Instead of measure the value of a live experience solely on attendance and press impressions, businesses should design their ways of maximize four key outputs:

Live experiences create engaging brand content which can be captured via photos and video and deployed through owned social channels, websites and paid and earned media. These paths can expand the reach of an excellent experience sent to influencers in a single market, to all of those other country, even globally.

A fresh ad campaign could be launched or extended by creating experiences in key markets that engage your consumers and bring the brand alive. In some cases the knowledge itself becomes the ad campaign, such as for example Bud Light’s "Whatever, USA" campaign.

With shrinking newsrooms, the proliferation of bloggers and fragmented media consumption, brands need to work harder than ever before to get attention. Whether for something launch, new partnership or other milestone, your time and effort to bring a brand alive within an engaging way gives press and influencers a far more immersive and intimate experience together with your message — not forgetting something a lot more interesting than a news release — to create a story around.

The 7 Tenets of Branding

Recent media coverage has devoted to MasterCard CMO Raj Rajamannar and his evolution of this brand’s iconic Priceless campaign, to highlight delivery of amazing experiences to cardholders. The campaign rooted in data and insights the business uncovered on the hunger consumers have for experience. Concentrating on the experiential vs. transactional areas of your own brand can elevate it to a fresh level, fueling an emotional connection and engendering loyalty. Even though don’t assume all brand can put Justin Timberlake on the highway, there are several ways to interact with your loyalists through experiences that are both intimate and scaleable.

If you need people to discuss your brand, you will have to give them something to share with you. And services or ad campaigns aren’t enough. Photos and video drive nearly all engagement on social media, and in this era of the selfie, the images folks are most excited to talk about are those where they are front and center.

THE TRICK Ingredients to an effective Branding Strategy

A rich experience could have your audience taking out their smartphones showing their friends and followers what an incredible time they are experiencing, authentically spreading the excitement far beyond the four walls of any event.

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