Maximize Your Presence on eBay

Generate the crowds with these simple ideas to draw users in and have them interested.

Unfortunately, many eBay Store owners are missing easy sales opportunities. But don’t despair–it’s a breeze to edit your Store, your "About Me" page as well as your listings to carefully turn unresponsive surfers into your very best customers.

Drive Customers to Your eBay Store

Help shoppers find your Store by optimizing it for se’s. According to Todd Lutwak, director of seller development for eBay, you will get additional free traffic through the use of keywords in your Store title (35 characters), Store description (300 characters) and custom category names (up to 20).

To find which keywords (and merchandise) will attract eBay shoppers to your Store, browse the "What’s Hot" portion of eBay’s Seller Central. Also check your Store Traffic Are accountable to improve your search engine marketing techniques efforts.

Get Sales FROM YOUR OWN "About Me" Page

Don’t forget the sales potential of the page. A beautifully designed page helps set up a brand for your company and can help you sell more products. Curtis Thornhill, seller development manager for eBay, offers these suggestions:

  • Wow ’em. Use a logo and high-quality photos showing that your business is credible and trustworthy. The copy you write does this, too. For instance, share a few lines about how exactly your business got started or how your team finds superior products.
  • Hook ’em. Given that you have shoppers’ attention, invite people into your Store. The "About Me" page may be the perfect spot to showcase your very best items. Use product photos and call them your "Top Sellers," "Hot Deals" or "New Arrivals." Organize your product categories right into a clickable index so visitors will be enticed to start out shopping.
  • Sell ’em. Tell visitors to do something. Pepper your page with "Buy It Now" or "Bid Now" copy. And become sure to prominently display your contact information for potential customers who’ve questions before buying from you.

Attract More and Higher Listing Offers

Just like your eBay Store, use relevant keywords in your listing titles and subtitles to greatly help eBay searchers find your listings. To obtain additional bids on your own items, try these tested tips:

  • Take well-lit and close-range product photos.
  • Display the photo near the top of each listing.
  • Set a sizzling starting price and an acceptable shipping fee.
  • Are the details: type, brand, condition and other attributes.
  • If your deal is hot , highlight the retail value.
  • Cross-promote your other listings.
  • Clearly state your shipping, payment and customer-service policies.
  • Accept payments through Paypal.

Shira Levine, senior manager of eBay’s PowerSeller program, reminds eBay sellers to understand eBay’s listing policies. These rules protect buyers and sellers, so violating them will keep buyers from bidding on your own products and in addition cause your listings to be taken off the website.

Catherine Seda may be the "Net Sales" columnist for Entrepreneur magazine. She also teaches search engine marketing techniques at eBay University and in her publication, INTERNET SEARCH ENGINE Advertising.

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