It is time to ‘Untrain’ Your SALES TEAM

To exceed expectations of today’s savvy buyer, marketing has adapted by personalizing the buying experience through tailored content that addresses specific business needs. Unfortunately, sales is not as nimble.

Marketing organizations which have committed to today’s automation technologies can generate a reliable flow of new, organic leads while automating the nurturing process better. But this is only 1 little bit of the selling puzzle.

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Sales execution has already reached an inflection point requiring an “untraining” of traditional skill sets that may been employed by during the past, but won’t cut it for closing deals in today’s market. Sales teams have to revolutionize their method of selling, placing less focus on something or service and a far more dedicated concentrate on meeting buyers’ needs.

Sound elementary? Perhaps, but it’s not what’s happening within nearly every sales organization. Many sales pipelines result in a “no decision” or stalled deals because sales didn’t present value effectively.

We are able to map why back again to various places, but at the core is too little focus on the customer and the usage of outdated selling skillsets. Another culprit is sales processes, which are generally inward-looking and lack the agility to align with how today’s buyers make purchase decisions. The consequence because of this misalignment can derail any organization with lower win rates, missed quotas and unprofitable growth.

Let’s assume you’ve hired the proper people, you’re paying them well and buying their training and you’re certain you have something or service buyers want. With each one of these boxes checked, are you meeting quota month after month?

A lot of the current processes to equip and make a sales team were developed way back when for yesterday’s customer. They are no more valid. Sales leaders are seeking alternatives to raised link training, coaching, reinforcement and guidelines for onboarding new sales teams. Now think about your existing sales force — how were they trained and how are they selling?

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Stripping away conventional thinking and better equipping sales teams makes them more agile to react to buyer’s needs. Customers would like simplification in the buying process. They need vendors who are respected experts, who understand their business and objectives, and who can align sales processes to those objectives.

Sales organizations that may validate business problems and quickly identify decision patterns to greatly help customers marks a simple shift in today’s selling environment.

Training, coaching, reinforcement, product knowledge — most of these are essential components of a comprehensive onboarding. The original “fire hose” approach is area of the issue. It’s tactical in nature and typically “about you.” Your value proposition, messages, capabilities, features, benefits, differentiators — this type of thinking doesn’t work anymore.

Just how do you help sales reps build better relationships with their buyers if they’re only discussing themselves? They have to better understand your buyers — what exactly are their most significant business drivers, what exactly are their challenges, how are they measured, what exactly are their metrics for success? Buyers today aren’t looking for products — they’re looking for strategic partners.

This transformation doesn’t need to be complicated, but does require leaders and managers to rethink their approaches. It demands a buyer-centric methodology woven throughout all sales processes and enablement initiatives.

Sales leaders can leverage technologies to greatly help drive consistency and guide selling behavior. But most of all, they have to inspire their sales teams to accomplish new degrees of selling success by selling just how buyers need it.

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