It is time to Rethink Your SEO Approach for 2016

Recently, Google has made some big changes in how it ranks websites, leaving enterprise companies with the trial of reworking their seo (SEO) strategy across teams and departments.

This is a new SEO approach for enterprise companies, predicated on my experience dealing with brands like Coca Cola, Target and IBM, and concentrating on the main element factors that matter most for search engine.

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Some might argue that key word research is a dying art, but it’s only turn into a more sophisticated one. According to Google’s research, roughly 70 percent of the engine’s searches are for synonyms of keywords — not exact keywords — that Google must identify and understand to direct an individual to the proper place.

Consequently, Google is currently focusing more on intent of an individual versus the precise keywords used, turning search into more of a conversation than previously. For enterprise companies, which means that your SEO experts have to work more closely with the editorial board to build up important topics and themes that are highly relevant to your audience’s interests, while also researching to create content that’s including all of the different things they could be looking for.

Developing content for SEO may feel just like old hat for your articles team, which explains why it’s vital that you bring them updated on Google’s changing expectations for optimal content. Searchmetrics has identified numerous content factors that affect rank in 2015, including word count, how keywords are distributed, internal links and the usage of header and meta-tags.

Check out Searchmetric’s infographic about the factors (or put someone responsible for reading the entire report and presenting the main element elements to your articles team).

User experience (UX) is another major area that’s influencing search. Cross platform compatibility and site speed have both been proven to affect search rank, however your enterprise teams may also have to focus on more nuanced UX variables, like proper content structure and useful internal linking.

Previously, optimizing for the various search engines and optimizing for website users were sometimes conflicting goals, but Google has moved more toward bridging that gap. Encouraging your teams to judge all factors that influence how easily users connect to your site and content will be valuable for both.

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Link constructing strategies — such as for example listing your website on web directories, posting links on poor Blogging platforms 2.0 sites, and leaving links in forum comments — no more help rank, and will actually cause penalties in Google search. Having said that, the worthiness of legitimate, top quality citations and mentions is greater than in the past. That’s why it’s vital that you have at least some individuals on your own team who are regularly calling publishers and influencers in your industry, building relationships and earning high-quality links through valuable mentions and citations on the platforms.

According to data from Moz and BuzzSumo, well-researched content, opinion-informing journalism, long form content, list posts and "Why" posts are likely to garner numerous natural citations, and social shares.

Even if your business operates at the national or international level, the largest mistake an enterprise company could make is to disregard the need for local search optimization. According to seoClarity’s research, local serp’s rank number 1 93 percent of that time period, compared to twenty five percent of that time period in older analyzes. So if your business does not have any local presence, it’s increasingly likely it won’t rank saturated in serp’s.

Having someone responsible for developing and maintaining an area search presence gives enterprise companies a very important edge. Specifically, assign someone — internally or externally — to update and keep maintaining local listings on your own website and on alternative party platforms such as for example social media or review sites.

Creating a social presence has been considered an important marketing strategy for some time now, but new research from Searchmetrics shows that Google is currently taking social signals (shares, tweets, +1s, etc.) under consideration for search ranks aswell. In fact, they discovered that the amount of social signals on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest all correlated with higher rank position in Google.

For enterprise businesses, therefore creating a social media empire across relevant platforms and assigning a team to market and engage is more important than previously — not merely for building brand awareness, but also for remaining competitive browsing.

As 2016 looms nearer, new data will continue steadily to reveal which SEO factors your business should concentrate on. The main thing that can be done is to maintain with this research and actively disseminate new knowledge to important associates during your company.

How else are you preparing your enterprise-level SEO technique for 2016? Share your suggestions by leaving a comment below.

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