In his publication Ultimate Guide to Optimizing YOUR SITE, SEO and internet marketing expert Jon Rognerud demonstrates how to create a high-performance website and get top ranking on all se’s. In this edited excerpt, the writer offers a few ideas to help you improve your rating in local serp’s.

Local seo (SEO) isn’t not the same as "regular" SEO — it usually is just as frustrating and competitive. The same rules apply: good content and quality links. However, the tactics are slightly different in a few areas.

Relying on technology might help save time, energy and frustration.

You’ve heard it again and again: You’ve surely got to work smarter, not harder. The simplest way for just about any entrepreneur to work smarter is to really have the best organization and time management tools at their disposal. There are plenty of tools from which to choose nowadays, and since lots of the newer ones focus on a smartphone, you can stick to top of your productivity without having to be chained to your desk.

The ‘Shark Tank’ star offers guidelines to safeguard your business from hacks, leaks and the expense of clearing up afterward.

“There are forget about excuses. We’re all alert to internet-based threats and also have a responsibility to safeguard our corporate data in addition to the data of our customers.” That’s according to Robert Herjavec, star of Shark Tank and among the country’s most well-known entrepreneurs. He’s also the founder and CEO of the Herjavec Group, an internationally recognized cybersecurity firm.

Robert Scoble’s finger is on the pulse of technology. He not merely blogs about tech and publicly speaks about any of it, he follows almost 33,000 people and organizations on Twitter. He’s passionate about social media and emerging technologies — and the entrepreneurs in it — to the idea of obsession.

After serving as a technical evangelist at Microsoft in the first 2000s and later as a vice president of a video podcasting network called PodTech, the favorite tech blogger works as a managing director of Rackspace, a cloud-based internet hosting company in San Antonio, Texas. We sat down with Scoble to discuss tech startups and the trends that are guiding the industry.

AI does the jobs we don’t wish to accomplish and the jobs we can not do, and improving the jobs we already do.

Just how many times within the last year perhaps you have heard the question, “Is artificial intelligence likely to dominate our jobs?” For marketers, this question is simply as relevant, but I’m here to let you know that robots are our marketing friends.

Is Artificial Intelligence Replacing Your Intelligence?

We are simply in the beginning of experiencing artificial intelligence (AI) for marketing, but there already are several great techniques this technology is improving our jobs, not killing them.

These podcasts offer ideas to help us improve and stabilize our physical and mental health.

As business owners, we are always seeking to find out, stay relevant and discover inspiration from new perspectives. For just as much as I enjoy read, I don’t discover period to and prefer to make use of that point for walks, especially right now, when strolling and movement is indeed key to your mental health insurance and general well-being. Nearly every day, I pay attention to a podcast while on a walk, and it can help keep me relaxed, all while offering point of view on what’s heading on in our globe and insights for how I could better myself as a individual and contribute to the non-public and organization communities.