“Our sales are stagnant and we are in need of SEO — please help!” That is a thing that I hear often. While search-engine optimization (SEO) can offer amazing results, they don’t happen overnight. And, oftentimes, a business can’t wait; it requires sales, and fast. Listed below are three simple internet marketing strategies you can begin on today that will help you kick-start your stagnant online sales.

7 INTERNET MARKETING Tools That Are Totally Worth the Investment

In April 2014, the World Wildlife Fund gave the world an inspiring lesson in social media and wildlife conservation through the use of Snapchat because of its #LastSelfie campaign.

The photography app, that allows users to see shared pictures and video for some seconds before they’re automatically deleted, mimicked the real disappearance threat that plagues animal populations today. The campaign itself was a proactive approach for Snapchat’s young audience, nonetheless it was also a wake-up demand brands that limit their social media presence to Facebook and Twitter.

Does your team have good communication, leadership, goal orientation and, most of all, passion? If not, you have work to accomplish.

Like basketball, construction and Marvel superheroes, marketing demonstrates its best results when people interact as a team. Your marketing team doesn’t need to be big — it may be just you and a freelancer or two, or it may be a whole department with a large number of people — but everyone has to work solidly together to bring the perfect results.

Even if your product and company are solid, if the consumer’s perception of you is negative or damaged, sales of your product and company can suffer.

Mention the name “Bill Cosby” and half the area will fondly remember the entertaining Dr. Huxtable on “The Cosby Show,” as well as those tasty Jell-O Pudding Pops commercials. The spouse will condemn Cosby as an accused rapist. Which may be the real Bill Cosby? We might never know. What counts may be the perception others have of him, predicated on what they have heard, read, seen or personally experienced.

Incubators, accelerators and business coaches might help.

In his publication, The Emyth Revisited , Michael Gerber explains that a lot of entrepreneurs are simply just technicians within their business rather than “people.” For example, a person could be an extremely trained auto mechanic, but decides that he doesn’t not need a job any more — he really wants to run his own business.

He opens a shop. He might start with a person following but really doesn’t know much about payroll, marketing or customer and employee retention. So, 1 of 2 outcomes are bound to occur. One, the business enterprise will plateau. The mechanic essentially bought himself employment. Or secondly, the business enterprise collapses as the mechanic is too busy fixing cars and does not market his business. By enough time he takes his leave from beneath the hood, he realizes the type of customers has dwindled right down to nothing.

Belgium’s privacy watchdog accused Facebook on Friday of trampling on European privacy laws by tracking people online without their consent and dodging questions from national regulators.

The Privacy Protection Commission, which is dealing with German, Dutch, French and Spanish counterparts, launched the blistering attack after searching for more about the U.S. social media giant’s practices.

It urged Internet surfers to set up privacy software to shield themselves from Facebook’s tracking systems, if they have a merchant account with the social networking or not.

Don’t depend on Facebook’s self-regulation to save lots of us from election interference in this year’s critical elections. Actually, despite a PR push to the contrary, the business is doubling down on the get access to it sells to would-be meddlers.

I love to start my day with a balance of bad and the good: a ritualistically brewed single sit down elsewhere used the quiet comfort of my kitchen while I alternate between despair and anger over the day’s news. In the last few days, I am reading more about Facebook’s decision never to curtail targeted political advertising in 2020, that i can at least enjoy getting angry about, since it’s at least security-related bad news.

Facebook Inc warned on Tuesday of a dramatic upsurge in spending in 2015 and projected a slowdown in revenue growth this quarter, slicing a tenth off its market value.

The hefty spending plans exposed the first signs of stress in the rock-solid support that investors have accorded the social media company in the last year.

With Facebook’s mobile advertising business delivering repeated quarters of breakneck revenue growth, the business has faced little pushback from investors on pricey, multi-billion dollar acquisitions such as for example WhatsApp and Oculus. Shares of Facebook reached an all-time most of $81.16 on Tuesday, prior to the company reported its third-quarter results.

Initially, it appeared the algorithm used unreliable and fake news sources to ‘confirm’ the nonexistent explosion.

Facebook’s Safety Check program incorrectly said there is an explosion in Bangkok, Thailand, The Independent reported. For one hour beginning at 9 p.m. local time on Dec. 27th, anyone in Thailand’s capital city saw reports of an explosion and a prompt to mark themselves as safe. However, there is no actual bomb explosion in Bangkok.

Facebook’s Safety Check system is powered, partly, by an algorithm that pulls from user posts and news sources to determine whether a catastrophic event has occurred. Initially, it appeared the algorithm used unreliable and fake news sources to "confirm" the nonexistent explosion.

Facebook Inc.’s quarterly revenue rose a lot more than 50 percent, handily beating Wall Street expectations as its wildly popular mobile app and a push into live video lured new advertisers and encouraged existing ones to improve spending.

The business’s shares rose 9.5 percent in after-hours trading on Wednesday to $118.39, setting it on the right track to open at a fresh on top of Thursday, at nearly triple its initial public offering four years back.

Facebook also announced it’ll create a fresh class of non-voting shares in a move targeted at letting CEO Mark Zuckerberg hand out his wealth without relinquishing control of the social media juggernaut he founded.