3 Productivity Tools to Rev Up Your Business Processes

Staying along with scheduling, invoicing and expense tracking is a business basic made simpler with these new apps.

As people we are always searching for an automobile that’s more fuel efficient, roads that are stronger, services that are more user-friendly. ‘More’. That’s the theme of our lives in the brand new millennium.

The quest to create everything ‘faster’, ‘larger’ or ‘stronger’ implies that the focus is squarely on improving efficiencies and take full advantage of just of the resources open to us. An instant way to boost efficiencies or more our productivity is by using the proper tools at the proper time.

Here’s my pick of three interesting productivity tools that promise to provide your business that boost it truly deserves.

They state “Time is money.” If time is really as important as money, isn’t it time we spent some cash on managing both better? Nutcache is a nifty little tool that can help you stay on top of most your invoicing and expense-related needs, simultaneously.

With Nutcache, you can design, create and distribute invoices to clients for totally free, at all. In addition, it permits you to accept payments from customers online with a plethora of payment options. You can track all of your expenses –like going for a client out for supper or cab fare to your last meeting — in a single place. Attach invoices or receipts as bills which can be claimed later from your client. But that was about money. Think about time?

Nutcache’s time tracking feature helps businesses that receives a commission per hour. Employees, and even individual freelancers, can sign in the precise number of hours they spend on each project via Nutcache’s mobile app. Not merely is this extremely useful from a recruiting point of view, in addition, it helps in offering customers proof work done as a support for invoices within their name. Nutcache includes a very able free version, as the pro-version offers a couple of extras in addition to these. Pro benefits include completely custom invoices without Nutcache branding on them, zero payment processing fees on transactions, no advertising and so on.

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As a business owner, you are likely doing many things simultaneously, which often makes it difficult to know for anyone who is really being as productive and profitable as possible. That’s why it can help to get a tool that may track all of your projects and deliver a written report of where you could be in a position to improve how you may spend every hour of your projects day.

WIth Due, not only can you track your time and effort with their handy app, nevertheless, you may also incorporate those findings straight into their customizable invoice templates and quotes for a far more accurate record that benefits you as well as your clients. Which means you can estimate projects more accurately while clients are assured that the invoices just how much time you actually allocated to their account.

Due offers this time around tracking tool using its free online invoicing and a low-cost payments platform, providing extra value for the small business proprietor.

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How frustrating could it be, after all of the work you placed into creating an excellent service and finding a willing client who would like your services, to have those efforts come to naught because of holes in your calendar and appointment schedule?

Enter Acuity Scheduling. With Acuity’s multi-platform scheduling system, you won’t ever again miss a scheduled appointment with a customer or forget to distribute an invoice or collect payments for invoices already delivered. Acuity works well together with your existing calendar tool – Outlook, Google, whatever your decision. Clients can directly see your live calendar, spot an opening and chalk themselves in instantly. When there exists a new appointment created or a cancelation has been made, the tool automatically makes the relevant changes across all of your calendars so there is absolutely no potential for a missed chance for your business.

What’s more, you may also distribute reminders automatically to clients about upcoming appointments via SMS or email, when you will yourself get a reminder yourself a comparable. You even have the opportunity to process payments via this app, right during booking a scheduled appointment.

The way of measuring a productive business is just how much time it spends on activities that add direct value to the business enterprise. They are three tools that power my business and its own productivity. How about yours?

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