3 Productivity Hacks for Launching a Business While Holding Down a Day Job

Launching a business is incredibly time-consuming. It’s a lot more challenging if you are holding down a full-time job. With only a day in the day, how will you manage your time to enable you to fulfill your existing personal and professional commitments while dedicating enough time necessary to launch your business?

Time Management IS ACTUALLY Life Management

For days gone by year, I’ve struggled with this issue myself. Every day, I’ve had so many balls in the air that I would as well be considered a professional juggler. To survive this era and become effective, an entrepreneur-with-a-job requires a system to identify the very best usage of their time; otherwise life will spiral uncontrollable, causing burnout.

I came across my very own system by seeking counsel from my mentor, and discovered the next three productivity hacks for launching a business while holding down a day job:

Every evening prior to going to bed, sit back with a blank sheet of paper and have yourself the next questions, then write the answers down:

  • What exactly are the best income and impact actions I could take for my day job?
  • What exactly are the best income and impact actions I could take for my home based business?
  • What exactly are the best impact actions I could take for my relationships with my children and friends?
  • What exactly are the best impact actions I could take for myself personally?

By this task, you have a listing of the best income and impact actions you will need to take. Many people would just begin taking action on the list, but to work and ensure that the proper things are being done, you should first prioritize them.

Your goal is to get the utmost results with the minimum effort required. To get this done, consider: “EASILY could complete only 1 thing upon this list by the finish of tomorrow, what would that a very important factor be that could make me feel just like the day was successful?” Then continue doing this process, assuming the first task has been completed, until your list is fully prioritized.

3 Time Management Tips THAT MAY Improve YOUR WELLBEING and Productivity

In the event that you were to complete just steps 1 and 2, you’ll likely see gains in your productivity. However, the truth is there are more items on your own list than can be carried out in a day, not forgetting the infinite distractions you will discover will constantly threaten your productivity.

For my part, as I began these steps, I constantly felt scattered and was still not getting things done to my satisfaction The perfect solution is came within my interview with Jay Papasan for my podcast The Mentee.

Papasan and his partner Gary Keller of Keller Williams wrote about the idea of "time blocking" within their book THE THING, that i recommend.

You are most likely already used to scheduling important meetings in your calendar. Time blocking just means doing a similar thing: making appointments with you to ultimately accomplish the vital actions you identified in Step two 2.

By proactively blocking off your time and effort, you can undertake your entire day with the confidence that each item on your own calendar could be the best usage of your time and can generate the utmost results. I saw the largest productivity gains because I stopped needing to ask, “What must i be doing next?”

It had been already decided. And I didn’t get distracted and end up checking email or social media. I’d simply turn to my calendar, see what another "appointment" was and do something.

At the point where you feel disciplined in implementing these three productivity hacks, you can find yourself accomplishing more in a single day than you did the complete entire week before.

These three hacks aren’t earth-shattering, of course. But like anything running a business, the results lie in your capability to do something and execute. You merely invested your most effective resource, your time, to learn this article.

Do you want to next ensure a roi by firmly taking action and implementing everything you just read? For anybody who do, I’m confident you will end up happy with the results.

Forget Time Management. DO THAT Instead and become More Productive. <

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