3 Product Growth Hacks for Tech Startups

We entrepreneurs reside in a remarkable time, when innovation in the tech industry appears to be shaping the most recent image of the American Dream. Actually, tech innovation is quickly becoming the go-to field for all those seeking to make a name for themselves.

Where DO YOU WANT TO Find Your Next GOOD PLAN?

But, because of the unrelenting competitiveness necessary for breaking into this overcrowded marketplace, these entrepreneurs need to invest an unbelievable amount of effort to stick out. And, even then, the chances are stacked against them, because for each and every "home-run idea," there are a huge selection of strikeouts.

Research, actually, has put the failure rate of tech startups at 75 percent, with common reason behind failure being insufficient market need, according to a report by CB Insights.

So, the message here’s that having a good idea and conducting general market trends is only a little area of the process. After the time comes what your location is ready to venture in to the harsh world of tech startups, consider the next three bits of advice.

In a field where innovation may be the name of the overall game, creating a completely authentic proven fact that gains widespread attention is incredibly difficult. Due to this, many startups will work to build off the successful ideas already out there. Consider your own experiences. What’s something you utilize constantly? How can it be better?

For instance, Pronto! (also on Google Play) plays to the pitfalls associated with the initial "self-destructing" messaging app Snapchat. One of the primary disadvantages with the mainstream app is that you cannot merge its unique functionality with any other communication platform.

Even though many of the main element messaging elements which have made Snapchat an internationally phenomenon is there, Pronto! goes a step further and allows users to send the signature "disappearing" messages to friends, using platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage and more.

Additionally, another drawback of Snapchat is that the recipient can screenshot your message — defeating the objective of self-destructing content. Pronto! has been constructed with a screenshot protection function therefore the user can send whatever they wants, without worrying.

Utilizing a monumental breakthrough and building onto it is a wonderful way to present your specific value proposition. Your biggest advantage will be that there surely is already a lucrative market for the theory, and the mark audience is probable in the same boat — meaning those individuals are wanting something more from their current situation.

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Before you even start turning your idea right into a reality, have an idea for how you’ll market it. You might have the best idea on the globe, but unless you promote it with authority, its much harder to get traction. In short, you must catch people’s attention. And, whatever vehicle you intend on using to really get your messaging out there, understand that viewers’ attention spans are notoriously short nowadays. Actually, studies have discovered that they average between eight and nine seconds.

Individuals are currently subjected to an absurd amount of brand messaging every day. They have to be hooked initially. One of the better ways to get this done is to apply influencers.

Now, just about the most difficult parts to the strategy is pinpointing the proper influencer for your brand. While there are kinds of tools to greatly help identify the big names in your industry for potential outreach, this can take a lot of time.

Whatever strategy you utilize, think beyond your box. Choose the shock factor and try something completely unusual. Go viral! The more heads you can change, the greater the probability of attracting interested prospects.

As stated, attention spans are short, as well as your messaging should be quick also to the point. Even the best tech startups can fall flat if indeed they don’t address their products’ key benefits right out of your gate.

Within the first couple of seconds of exposure, consumers ought to know just what your product does and how it creates their lives easier. Begin by identifying their biggest problems. Then, get creative in showing just how your idea works to resolve those problems.

Take Laleoo, for instance. This app built the building blocks because of its messaging on promoting the simplicity it brings to managing and posting pictures and videos. Customers can set the app to automatically share the pictures and videos they take with tagged friends, who are then in a position to view that content and increase it with their own material. That is a far quicker, more interactive way to talk about experiences than current social platforms allow.

Laleoo also further allows users to store almost all their media within its cloud-based platform the moment it really is captured. Another important benefit is that it generally does not take up valuable memory on the user’s smartphone.

Identifying the initial advantages your startup offers was likely among the first steps you took in bringing your idea alive. Regardless of how you decide to market your service or product, its benefits should remain front and center in your messaging to keep prospects tuned in.

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As everybody knows, tech can be an industry surviving in a consistant state of evolution. Therefore, you need to be open to improve and development. It’s amazing how quickly tech solutions become obsolete. So, always welcome consumer feedback and incorporate popular demand into your updates. Remember: An excellent product is one which can stand the test of time. All the best!

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