3 Online Tools for Supercharging a Company’s Culture

The present day workplace is mobile and virtual. While this presents tremendous opportunities for companies to scale without expanding offices or restricting their talent search to 1 region, additionally, it may pose an existential challenge to a company’s culture.

In today’s workplace, executives end up asking, How will you build company culture when employees are scattered across multiple states or constantly focusing on the road? Just how do employees build trust, share challenges and collaborate effectively if they rarely meet face-to-face?

Subscription software and online tools are answering many of these questions. For a little investment, they are able to help companies uncover staffers’ hidden talents, build and run employee-recognition programs and foster interdepartmental communication.

All of this still requires the human touch and a company’s core values to be clearly defined, but affordable and easy-to-use software or online assessments can do a lot of the heavy lifting for managers, owners and executives. Listed below are three online tools which will help create a company’s culture if the workplace is virtual or its headquarters merely needs an infusion of new ideas:

Smarten Your Employees’ Work Styles — 5 Methods to Coax Productivity

1. StrengthsFinder. Hiring the proper employees is half the battle. Putting each employee in the proper position is vital. According to a report conducted by PwC and LinkedIn released in April, if companies were better at matching employees with their strengths, they could unlock a lot more than $130 billion in productivity in 11 markets. And that will not even consider around $19.8 billion in recruitment costs that organizations could avoid by boosting staff retention.

Endeavor America Loan Services, the mortgage company that I lead, uses Gallup’s StrengthsFinder, a web-based assessment tool, to pinpoint employees’ strengths, allowing me and other managers to quickly identify the roles they are best suited to fill. We’ve found efficiencies as each employee performs a job according to what she or he does best and seen the advantages of a workforce whose staffers are consistently assigned positions where success comes naturally.

We don’t stop with the easy strengths assessment. We hold regular workshops to teach employees to build up their strengths and help managers grow into mentors leveraging the talents of the employees they manage. Ideally StrengthsFinder assists employees in building their strengths into talents and enables companies to put employees in teams where they’ll perform at their highest level.

In a remote work place, where there is absolutely no daily face-to-face interaction between manager and employee, StrengthsFinder is a lot more important because it escalates the probability of employee engagement, reduces the probability of distraction and encourages collaboration among teammates whose strengths are complimentary.

StrengthsFinder lets companies make this happen without managers needing to spend thousands of hours to assess each employee’s expertise.

Reward Better: New Programs ENABLE YOU TO Recognize Employees instantly

2. YouEarnedIt. Most employee-recognition programs rely heavily on managers and executives to reward high-achieving employees. But as much employees know, the very best evaluators of achievement tend to be the rank-and-file, frontline workers. YouEarnedIt.com is a straightforward, affordable and easy-to-manage software platform for employees to reward co-workers for his or her achievements.

With the business using the points-based rewards system of YouEarnedIt, employee recognition is democratized through the entire organization, enabling managers and executives to get a broad spectral range of opinions about who’s achieving above typical in confirmed week.

The program platform operates instantly: Recognition points arrive because they are bestowed. Points could be redeemed for prizes, donations to charity or executive coaching. The program relieves a few of the pressure on managers to arrange and execute employee-recognition programs, while making the complete process more democratic and representative of the complete company.

It’s also a great way to energize employees and promote engagement. My company is discovering that through our promotion of the thought of employees’ granting rewards one to the other, staffers have become more engaged: They are seeing their efforts recognized instantly.

We are fostering a great company culture when you are creative with this rewards. (Your options now include Jeans for weekly, Dinner with the Boss, Your Manager Brings You Coffee, Buy a Day Off Work and Take the Morning Off Work.) Another reward: raffles in a companywide drawing for a paid-for summer vacation.

Now our employees are enjoying thanking each other and rewarding colleagues for employment done well. At our company, it’s even turn into a big deal to be the individual who was the largest rewards giver in the last week. We’ve created metrics around the intangible notion of showing gratitude whilst creating a culture of recognition among employees who might not even be employed in the same office.

The Wisdom Behind Making Workplace Apps Simple to use

3. 15Five. Among a manager’s top jobs is taking the temperature of their team. May be the team on a roll, running such as a well-oiled machine or does it need a reinjection of enthusiasm or an infusion of new ideas?

Utilized by organizations which range from the American Red Cross to GoDaddy,15Five is a software app built around the idea that if all employees took a quarter-hour each week to jot down thoughts that could take their manager only five minutes to read, companies could possibly be more connected.

15Five starts this technique by asking simple, thought-provoking questions like "What were your challenges this week?"

Managers take five minutes or less to learn the answers and offer feedback and support while passing the very best ideas to higher-ranking executives. This enables company leaders to recognize challenges before they mushroom into problems and apply the very best suggestions crowdsourced from over the organization. It’s the ultimate real-time feedback loop.

The program platform also makes cross-team and interdepartmental communication effective and streamlined.

Instilling a feeling of company culture in a virtual business could be difficult. But culture is completely crucial to company’s success. A multinational Gallup poll released last fall discovered that only 13 percent of employees are engaged at the job — and of the rest of the 87 percent, 63 percent lack motivation and another 24 percent are both unhappy and unproductive.

Company culture shouldn’t be seen as a luxury or an afterthought. This is a vital necessity for high-performing companies that are looking to use efficiently, attract and retain clients and build talented and motivated teams.

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