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Показать все книги автора/авторов: Guo Xiaolu

«A Concise Chinese English Dictionary for Lovers», Xiaolu Guo

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В© 2007

For the man who lost my manuscript in Copenhagen airport, and knows how a woman lost her language.

Nothing in this book is true, except for the love between her and him.


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Иллюстрация к книге



Иллюстрация к книге

prologue n. 1. an introductory section or screen in a book, play, or musical work; 2. an event or action leading to another.



Beijing time 12 clock midnight.

London time 5 clock afternoon.

But I at neither time zone. I on airplane. Sitting on 25,000 km above to earth and trying remember all English I learning in school.

I not met you yet. You in future.

Looking outside the massive sky. Thinking air staffs need to set a special time-zone for long-distance airplanes, or passengers like me very confusing about time. When a body floating in air, which country she belonging to?

People’s Republic of China passport bending in my pocket.


Passport type:P

Passport No.:G00350124

Name in full:Zhuang Xiao Qiao


Date of birth:23 JULY 1979

Place of birth:Zhe Jiang, P. R. China


I worry bending passport bring trouble to immigration officer, he might doubting passport is fake and refusing me into the UK, even with noble word on the page:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China requests all civil and military authorities of foreign countries to allow the bearer of this passport to pass freely and afford assistance in case of need.

China further and further, disappearing behind clouds. Below is ocean. I from desert town. Is the first time my life I see sea. It look like a dream.

As I far away from China, I asking me why I coming to West. Why I must to study English like parents wish? Why I must to get diploma from West? I not knowing what I needing. Sometimes I not even caring what I needing. I not caring if I speaking English or not. Mother only speaking in village dialect and even not speaking official Mandarin, but she becoming rich with my father, from making shoes in our little town. Life OK. Why they want changing my life?

And how I living in strange country West alone? I never been to West. Only Western I seeing is man working in Beijing British Embassy behind tiny window. He stamp visa on brand new passport.

What else I knowing about West? American TV series dubbing into Chinese, showing us big houses in suburb, wife by window cooking and car arriving in front house. Husband back work. Husband say Honey I home, then little childrens running to him, see if he bringing gift.

But that not my life. That nothing to do with my life. I not having life in West. I not having home in West. I scared.

I no speaking English.

I fearing future.


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Иллюстрация к книге

alien adj. 1. foreign; 2. repugnant (to); 3. from another world-n. 1. foreigner; 2. being from another world.


Is unbelievabal, I arriving London, “ Heathlow Airport.” Every single name very difficult remembering, because just not “ London Airport ” simple way like we simple way call “ Beijing Airport.” Everything very confuse way here, passengers is separating in two queues.

Sign in front of queue say: ALIEN and NON ALIEN.

I am alien, like Hollywood film Alien, I live in another planet, with funny looking and strange language.

I standing in most longly and slowly queue with all aliens waiting for visa checking. I feel little criminal but I doing nothing wrong so far. My English so bad. How to do?

In my text book I study back China, it says English peoples talk like this:

“How are you?”

“I am very well. How are you?”

“I am very well.”

Question and answer exactly the same!

Old saying in China: “Birds have their bird language, beasts have their beast talk”

Иллюстрация к книге

English they totally another species.

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