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«Wasteland of flint», Thomas Harlan

A Note Concerning Measurements

Though her later victories rendered the full terms of the Lisbon Accords moot, the Mйxica Empire abides by the common set of weights and measures set forth by the Accords in A.D. 1724. As a result, distances are in kilometers, weights in kilograms and so on.

Ranks of the Imperial Mйxica Military


From the Annales of Cuauhtitlan


In the beginning was the First Sun,


4-Water was its sign;


It was called the Sun of Water.


For water covered the world,


Leaving nothing but dragonflies above


and fishy men below.


The Second Sun was born,


4-Jaguar was its sign;


This was called the Sun of the Jaguars.


In this Sun the heavens collapsed,


So that the Sun could not move in its course.


The world darkened, and when all was dark


Then the people were devoured.


The Giants perished, giving life to the Third Sun.


4-Rain was its sign;


It was called the Sun of Rain.


For this Sun rained fire from bleeding eyes


And the people were consumed.


From the torrent of burning stones,


The Fourth Sun was born.


4-Wind was its sign, and it was called the Sun of Wind.


In this Sun, all which stood on the earth was carried


Away by terrible winds.


The people were turned into monkeys,


and scattered from their cities into the forest.


Now, by sacrifice of the divine liquid, the Fifth Sun was born.


Its sign was 4-Motion.


As the Sun moved, following a course,


The ancients called it the Sun of Motion.


In the time of this Sun, there were


Great earthquakes and famine,


No maize grew, and the gods of the field


Turned their eyes from the people.


And all the people grew thin, and perished.


The Lord of Heaven cut the heart from his living son,


And so was born the Sixth Sun, which sustains


The universe with infinite light.


Its sign was 4-Flint.


Those who watch the sky say this Sun


Will end in annihilation, when the flint-knife


Severs the birthcord of the Sun, plunging all


Into darkness, where the people will


Be cut to pieces and scattered.


This is the time of the Sixth Sun…



The Great Eastern Basin, Ephesus III, in the Hittite Sector

Ctesiphon Station, the Edge of Imperial Mйxica Space

Aboard the Cornuelle, Outbound from Ctesiphon Station

Geosync Orbit Over Ephesus III

Aboard the Cornuelle

The "Observatory" Base Camp, the Edge of the Western Desert, Ephesus III

Aboard the Palenque

The Cornuelle

The Western Badlands, Ephesus III

The Palenque

The Cornuelle

The Palenque

The Cornuelle, Outbound from Ephesus III Orbit

In Geosync Over Ephesus

The Cornuelle, Outbound

The Edge of the Ephesian Atmosphere

The Cornuelle

Near the Stonespike Massif, Northern Hemisphere, Ephesus III

The Cornuelle

The Shuttle Wreck, Northern Hemisphere, Ephesus III

The Asteroid Belt, Ephesus System

The Shuttle Wreck, Northern Hemisphere, Ephesus III

Mons Prion, Northern Hemisphere, Ephesus III

Among the Broken Mountains

Outbound from Ephesus III

Mons Prion, Northern Hemisphere, Ephesus III

Aboard the Cornuelle

Southeast of Mons Prion

The Palenque

Slot Canyon Twelve

Deck Six Starboard, the Cornuelle

Near Slot Canyon Twelve, the Escarpment

The Cornuelle

Slot Canyon Twelve

Aboard the Palenque

In the Wasteland

The Cornuelle

The Palenque

The 'Observatory' Base Camp

Among the Broken Mountains

The Palenquem, Inbound

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