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«Myth Alliances», Robert Asprin и др.


You have in your hand something both familiar and also new. In a way this is abit frightening. The best selling Myth Adventures series has had a unique placein SF literature. And a surprising number of the readers of this series areamazingly knowledgeable about every detail and nuance. This is a new novel in the Myth Adventures series. That is the familiar. What is new is the second nameon the cover. This book is a collaboration between Robert Lynn Asprin, whocreated the series and wrote the earlier novels, and Jody Lynn Nye, the authorof over two dozen other books. It is a further adventure, or series ofcalamities, featuring Skeeve and many of the same characters you have enjoyed in the first dozen books. This adventure takes place just after the end of volume12, Something Myth Inc. A few years ago Jody and Bob created another novel setin contemporary New Orleans, License Invoked. They have also done several shortstories, which have been collected in the Myth-Told Tales (a Meisha Merlin book).Incidentally those stories actually set the scene for this book, though aren't needed to read it. So why Jody Lynn Nye? Simply put, Jody had alreadydemonstrated the ability to fit comfortably in other author's worlds with othercollaborations, most notably four novels written with Anne McCaffrey. She hasherself written several humorous novels. It didn't hurt that Jody and Bob haveknown each other for almost two decades as well. So when the decision was made to add collaborations to the series, Jody Lynn Nye was first choice.

Note I said "add collaborations." This is not to say there won't be more solonovels from Robert Lynn Asprin as well. There will be.

So what is happening beyond this new Myth Adventure that has both writers sobusy, especially Robert Asprin? Both contributors are also working on other books. Robert Asprin has already delivered to Penguin Putnam the first of tworeally action-filled fantasy novels in a series titled Wartorn and as of writingthis is getting close to the deadline for the second adventure. He is also inthe process of expanding a second mystery novel in a series not yet placed. Jodyhas herself just completed a new novel in her Taylor's Ark SF medical series, titled The Lady and the Tiger. From that list of projects you might be beginningto get the idea on why a collaboration became a good idea. It's called deadlines... and finding the time to do it all. Both the readers and the publishers wereasking for another novel. You see above how busy Bob is, and it is also hard,often slow work to write humor, and the gentle situational humor in the Myth Adventures series is one of the most difficult. This is not to mention theeffort it takes to keep things fresh after having already written a dozen booksin this series over what is now just short of twenty years. The second writeradds a new perspective, a fresh look, shared laughter... and a second pair ofhands typing away when time is limited and we cruel publishers demand at least one new Myth Adventures book a year.

You will find many of Bob's trademark writing styles in Myth Alliance such asthe quotes starting the chapters and Bob's penchant for rarely using the word "said"(Had you noticed?). Since this is a collaboration you may find some differencesin the way the familiar characters and dialogue are presented. That is inevitable in any collaboration, if subtle. When you speak with either of Bob orJody about this book, the parts you really like should be assumed to have beenwritten by whichever author you are talking to. Those you don't like mostobviously should be assumed to have been written by the absent one. (Hmm, nowthat is a real advantage to collaborating.) Though most likely each will credit the other with the good ideas.

So here you have it. A collaboration that once more brings you the adventures ofSkeeve the Magnificent and his companions. This time they are taking on one ofthe most frightening forces that can be found in all of the Dimensions in a bookthat will be both comfortably familiar and a little something new as well.


—The Editor



"Not much of an inn, if you ask me."


I stared at the candle in the brass holder in the middle of the cluttered table.Light the candle, I thought, concentrating hard. Light it!

Anyone who might have looked in the window would have seen a young, blond man from Klah, if they knew Klah, gazing hard at an unlit candle. Anyone from a fewdozen dimensions might have identified that young man as The Great Skeeve,Magician to Kings and King of Magicians. None of them would have guessed that inspite of my reputation, which was that of a wonderworker, diplomat and organizer,as far as magik went, I was still a pretty rank... apprentice.

Apprentice. I sat upright on my bench to rub my back, and gazed at nothing inparticular. The term caused all kinds of emotions to well up in me and distractme from my self-assigned task. The first: regret. I just walked away from myentire life to date: money, a position as Court Magician I could have held on toinfinitely just on my reputation, a business that was thriving even beyond my ability to cover all the opportunities that came my way. But the thing I mostregretted leaving was friends. The best and most important friend I had leftbehind was the chief reason I had gone. Aahz, denizen of the dimension Perv, hadbeen my mentor, guide, partner, teacher and, yes, friend, since the untimelydeath of my master, the magician Garkin, who'd just finished this very lesson

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