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«Aftermath», Robert Asprin

Dramatis Personae


The Townspeople

AHDIOVIZUN; AHDIOMERVIZ; AHDIO-Proprietor ofSly's Place, a legend- ary dive within the Maze.

AYE-GOPHLAN-Captain of the palace guard before the arrival of Prince Kadakithis. Now he is one of three men charged with keeping the peace in Sanctuary.

LALO THE LIMNER-Street artist gifted with magic he does not fully un- derstand.

GILLA-His indomitable wife.

GANNER-Their middle son, slain during the False Plague riots of the previous winter which signaled the end of severe civil unrest in Sanctuary.

VANDA-Their daughter, employed as nursemaid to the Beysib at the palace.

HAKIEM-Storyteller and confidant extraordinaire. HORT-Son of a fisherman and now Hakiem's sometime apprentice.

JUBAL-Prematurely aged former gladiator. Once he openly ran Sanc- tuary's most visible criminal organization, the hawkmasks; now he works behind the scenes.

MASHA ZIL-INEEL-Midwife whose involvement in the destruction of the Purple Mage enabled her to move from the Maze to respectability up- town.

MELILOT-Owner of a scriptorium where letters can be written or trans- lated.

MRADHON vis-Nisibisi adventurer and sometime spy. He has betrayed almost everyone and been betrayed in return, but he is a consummate survivor.

MYRTIS-Madam of the Aphrodisia House.

SHAFRALAIN-Sanctuary nobleman who can trace his lineage and his money back to the days ofllsig's glory.

ESARIA-His nubile daughter.


CUSHARLAIN-His cousin. A customs inspector and investigator.

SNAPPER JO-A friend who survived the destruction of magic in Sanctu- ary. Now employed as a bartender in the Vulgar Unicorn.

ZIP-Bitter young terrorist. Leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Sanctuary (PFLS). Now he and his remaining fighters have been designated as officials responsible for peace in the city.

The S'danzo

ILLYRA-Half-blood S'danzo seeress with True Sight. Wounded by PFLS in the False Plague Riots.

DUBRO-Bazaar blacksmith and husband to Illyra. ARTON-Their son, marked by the gods as part of the emerging diety known as the Stormchildren. He was sent to the Bandaran Islands for his education and safety-and to remove him from Sanctuary.

LILLIS-Their daughter, slain in the False Plague riots. TREVYA-A newborn orphan girl placed in their care by Walegrin.

MOONFLOWER-S'danzo seeress of remarkable obesity who was slain by Beysib guards who had mistakenly attacked her husband.

THE TERMAGANT-Oldest of the S'danzo women practicing her craft in Sanctuary.

The Magicians

ENAS YORL-Quasi-immortal mage cursed with eternal life and a con- stantly changing physical form.

ISCHADE-Necromancer and thief. Her curse is passed to her lovers who die from it. Her rivalry with Roxane drew her into the murky realm of Sanctuary's politics from which she has yet to extricate herself.

ROXANE; DEATH'S QUEEN-Nisibisi witch. Nearly destroyed when Storm- bringer purged magic from Sanctuary, she is trapped inside a warded house and a dead man's body.

HAUGHT-One-time apprentice oflschade who betrayed her and is now trapped with Roxane.

TASFALEN-The dissolute Rankan nobleman, one oflschade's lov- ers, whose body has become Roxane's prison.

STRICK; TORAZELAN STRICK TIFIRAQA- White Mage who has made Sanctuary his home. He will help anyone who comes to him, but there is always a Price, sometimes trivial and sometimes not, for his aid.

AVENESTRA; AVNEH-Once a preteen prealcoholic barfly at Sly's

Place. Now Strick's very young receptionist with a sweet tooth. FRAX-Former palace guardsman, now Strick's fiercely loyal guard.

WINTSENAY; WINTS-A down-and-out young Ilsig whose life has improved immeasurably since he began working for Strick.

Visitors in Sanctuary

JARVEENA-A woman, once Melilot's apprentice, who. with Enas Tori's help, unveiled a plot to assassinate Prince Kadakithis shortly after his arrival in Sanctuary. In the intervening years she has been employed as Melilot's trading agent, and her many hideous scars have been slowly fading.

SAMLOR HIL SAMT, Trader from the north. His sister died in Sanctuary and his business sometimes brings him back to the city.

STAR-His seven-year-old niece. A single lock of white grows amid her black hair. The Beysibs claim this is the mark of the favor of their gods and the child does seem to have some strange abilities.

The Rankans Living in Sanctuary

CHENAYA; DAUGHTER OF THE SUN-^ beautiful and powerful young woman who is fated never to lose a fight. She is the prince's cousin and is working to raise an army of gladiators which will place him on the imperial throne.

PRINCE KADAKITHIS-Charismatic but somewhat naive half-brother of the assassinated emperor, Abakithis.

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