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01. </first-name> <last-name>Сыченко Игорь Алексеевич</last-name> </author> <book-title>Тень Земли 2. Тень луны</book-title> <lang>ru</lang> </title-info> <document-info> <author> <first-name> Сыченко Игорь Алексеевич - Тень Земли 2. Тень луны Читать →

Автор: « Время неизвестно… Место неизвестно… Космос чёрным покрывалом обволакивал всё окружающее пространство, и лишь далёкие и недоступные звёзды пробивали его мрак серебристыми точками, образуя причудливые созвездия. Им давали разные имена, их считали искрами божественных колесниц, глазами богов, плазменными шарами, дарующими жизнь живому. Но всё же в подавляющем объёме…

02. Incontro con Rama Читать →

Автор: Come sarГ  il nostro primo incontro con una razza, una civiltГ  extraterrestre? Gli scettici dicono: non ci sarГ  mai. I pessimisti obiettano: giГ  non riusciamo ad andare d'accordo fra noi, figurarsi con gli alieni. Nondimeno, milioni di uomini continuano a fantasticare appassionatamente su quel tema, e decine di scrittori a esplorarne tutte le varianti possibili.…

03. Rendezvous with Rama Читать →

Автор: Nebula Best Novel winner (1974) Hugo Best Novel winner (1974) …

04. The Star Читать →

Автор: Hugo Best Short Story winner (1956)

05. Orion Among the Stars Читать →

Автор: More than human and less that a god, John O’Ryan is Orion, made by the Creators who rule outside of time. His purpose is to do their bidding. Now, Orion has becomee a key piece in a cosmic game between two of the Creators—Anya, the goddess he loves, and Aten, the god who toys with…

06. Saturn Читать →

Автор: Saturn — fascynujД…ca i tajemnicza planeta z wielkimi pierЕ›cieniami i ksiД™Ејycami, z ktГіrych Tytan jest najprawdopodobniej obdarzony Ејyciem. Wreszcie moЕјliwe jest zbadanie Saturna i nie bД™dzie to zwykЕ‚y lot zaЕ‚ogowy, a wyprawa jakiej dotД…d nie byЕ‚o. Wielki habitat „Goddard” to olbrzymi statek, samowystarczalna arka z dziesiД™cioma tysiД…cami ludzi na pokЕ‚adzie. Naukowcami, dysydentami i ludЕєmi niepokornymi, ktГіrym…

07. Orbitsville Читать →

Автор: When the young son of Elizabeth Lindstrom, the autocratic president of Starflight, falls to his death, Vance Garamond, a flickerwing commander, is the obvious target for Elizabeth’s grief and anger. She is not a forgiving employer and Garamond has no choice but to flee. But fleeing Elizabeth’s wrath means leaving the Solar System behind for ever…

08. Between the Strokes of Night Читать →

Автор: After the Nuclear Spasm in the 21st century, Homo sapiens was extinct, save for a tiny remnant scattered in small, primitive space colonies. At first Solar Humanity had only one goal: survival. But when the battle for existence was won, humankind began moving outward in slow, multi-generation space ships, and as then millennia passed, planet-based…

09. Divergence Читать →

Автор: In the aftermath of the “summertide” that nearly destroyed twin planets of Opal and Quake, a few humans and aliens representing various civilized worlds confront the remnants of an ancient technology and discover a threat to life as they know it. Excitement builds rapidly in this fast-paced sequel to Summertide. Recommended for large libraries.

10. Summertide Читать →

Автор: It was just before Summertide, the time when the twin planets, Opal and Quake, would orbit closest to their sun, subjecting both — but Quake in particular — to vast tidal forces. And it was to be the most violent Summertide ever, due to the Grand Conjunction of the system’s stars and planets, something that happened only…

11. The Compleat McAndrews Читать →

Автор: Presenting the space adventures of Arthur Morton McAndrew, space-time expert and scientist extraordinaire, and his long-suffering companion, spaceship skipper Jeanie Roker. Jeanie first met McAndrew on a routine run to Titan and quickly learned he was a genius of the caliber of Newton or Einstein. When McAndrew invented a space drive that let frail humans…

12. The Web Between the Worlds Читать →

Автор: Rob Merlin was the best engineer who had ever lived. That was why “The King of Space” had to have him for the most spectacular construction project ever — even though Rob was a potentially fatal threat to his power… Thus begins a breakthrough novel by the former President of the American Astronautical Society, about an idea…

13. Brightness Reef Читать →

Автор: Millennia ago the Five Galaxies decreed the planet Jijo off limits. But in the last thousand years six races have begun resettling Jijo, embracing a pre-industrial life to hide their existence from the Galactics. Overcoming their differences, the Six have built a society based on mutual tolerance for one another and respect for the planet…

14. A Grand Tour Читать →

Автор: , This appendix sketches in some of the salient points of the galaxy into which Honor was born… and which she, willingly or not, was to play a major part in changing forever.

15. A Beautiful Friendship Читать →

Автор: This appendix sketches in some of the salient points of the galaxy into which Honor was born… and which she, willingly or not, was to play a major part in changing forever.

16. Ashes Of Victory Читать →

Автор: REPORTS OF MY DEATH HAVE BEEN GREATLY EXAGGERATED … The People’s Republic of Haven made a tiny mistake when it announced the execution of Honor Harrington. It seemed safe enough. After all, they knew she was already dead. Unfortunately,…

17. Echoes Of Honor Читать →

Автор: For eight years, Commodore Honor Harrington has been in the forefront of the battle between the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the vastly more powerful People's Republic of Haven. Now Honor has fallen, captured by the Peep Navy.

18. Field Of Dishonor Читать →

Автор: The surprise attack of the Republic of Haven on Manticore has failed. The Peeps are in disarray, their leaders fighting for power in a bloody revolution, and the Royal Manitcoran Navy stands victorious. But success can be more treacherous than defeat for Honor Harrington.

19. Flag In Exile Читать →

Автор: Hounded by political enemies and cut to the heart by the death of the man she loved, Honor Harrington has retreated to Grayson to take up her role as Steadholder while her wounds heal. But the Republic of Haven is rising from defeat to threaten Grayson, and the new Grayson Navy needs her.

20. Honor Among Enemies Читать →

Автор: For Captain Honor Harrington, it's sometimes hard to know who the enemy is. Offered a chance to reclaim her career, she is given command of a “squadron” of merchantment, and ordered to stop the pirates who are plundering the Kingdom's commerce. But the pirates are not all they seem.