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01. La prima indagine di Montalbano Читать →

Автор: Del commissario Salvo Montalbano credevamo ormai di sapere tutto: di conoscerne vita, morte e miracoli, i luoghi, i gusti, le compagnie… Ma il suo creatore, Camilleri, riserva ai suoi lettori ancora tante sorprese. Nei tre racconti di questo volume presenta un giovanissimo poliziotto, all’inizio della carriera, che intreccia una relazione non con la ben nota…

02. The snipers wife Читать →

Автор: «Willy Kunkle dipped his large right hand into the sink and scooped a splash of warm water onto his face, washing away the last of the shaving soap. He straightened, used the edge of a towel hanging to the right of the mirror to mop his cheeks and chin with the same hand, and studied…

03. Silent victim Читать →

Автор: «Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. - WILLIAM CONGREVE, The Mourning Bride, 1697

04. Д€u Еќi mortu tra-fike? Читать →

Автор: Priseksa kaj prikrima fantaziaДµo

05. Curse of the Pogo Stick Читать →

Автор: «As there were no longer any records, the Hmong could not even tell when they actually misplaced their history. The event had deleted itself. But the oral legend that was passed on unreliably like a whisper from China would have them believe the following: The elders of the Hmong tribes had gathered to lead the great…

06. The Merry Misogynist Читать →

Автор: «By the time the calendar pages had flipped around to 1978, Vientiane, the capital of the People's Democratic Republic of Laos, had become a dour place to live. The fun had been squeezed out of it like the hard-to-come-by juice of a durian. It was flat and colourless and starting to feel sorry for itself. The…

07. The dead of Jericho Читать →


08. The Silent World Of Nicholas Quinn Читать →

Автор: The newly appointed member of the Oxford Examinations Syndicate was deaf, provincial and gifted. Now he is dead. . And his murder, in his north Oxford home, proves to be the start of a formidably labyrinthine case for Chief Inspector Morse, as he tries to track down the killer through the insular and bitchy world…

09. Cold Dish Читать →

Автор: «Revenge is a dish best served cold. -Pierre Ambroise Francois Choderlos de La Clos, Les Liaisons Dangereuses

10. Death Without Company Читать →

Автор: «A life without friends means death without company. (Adiskidegabeko bizita, auzogabeko heriotza.) - BASQUE PROVERB

11. Kindness Goes Unpunished Читать →

Автор: «Kindness Goes Unpunished Philadelphia, where no good deed goes unpunished… - STEVE LOPEZ The Philadelphia Inquirer January 15, 1995

12. The burnt orange sunrise Читать →

Автор: «“I am only going to tell you this one more time,” she said to him in a quiet, determined voice. “That mean old woman just has to die. You know it, I know it, we both know it. Do you get what I’m telling you?” “I get it,” he responded irritably. “I’ve gotten it every single…

13. The sour cherry surprise Читать →

Автор: «And now Molly Procter dribbles the ball downcourt with eleven seconds left on the clock. The UConn Lady Huskies trailing Tennessee by one, 65-64… ten seconds… nine. The fans are on their feet… Coach Geno Auriemma has the ball in the hands of UConn’s best clutch scorer since Diana Taurasi. And with the national championship…

14. The sweet golden parachute Читать →

Автор: «Pete woke well before dawn and sat up in his sleeping bag and tried to remember what day it was. He had his regular morning routes and it really did matter. Knuckling his eyes, he tried to recall where he’d been the day before. The Historic District, that’s where. So yesterday must have been Tuesday.…

15. An Absence of Light Читать →

Автор: «The First Day He walked barefoot in the dark across the clipped, dampish lawn, the muggy breeze from the Gulf of Mexico fifty yards away gently tugging at the legs of his silk pajamas which he had rolled to mid calf. He was shirtless and though his torso carried its weight a little differently now than…

16. Exploit of Death Читать →

Автор: «The Mendozas were on the way home. They had had an enjoyable, if tiring, five weeks' vacation, touring England and Scotland after a week in London. They had visited Bateman's, Rudyard Kipling's old home, and seen Pook's Hill. They had dutifully visited all the tourist attractions and they had called on Mairi MacTaggart's cousin Jennie…

17. Mark of Murder Читать →

Автор: «… their works are works of iniquity, and the act of violence is in their hands. Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood: their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction are in their paths. The way of peace they know not… - –Isaiah 59:6-8

18. Muerte en la Fenice Читать →

Автор: El renombrado director de orquesta Helmut Wellauer aparece muerto, envenenado con cianuro potГЎsico, durante una representaciГіn de La Traviata en el cГ©lebre teatro veneciano de La Fenice. Hasta el comisario Guido Brunetti, acostumbrado a la laberГ­ntica criminalidad de Venecia, se asombra de la cantidad de enemigos que el mГєsico ha dejado en su camino a…

19. I wstali z martwych… Читать →

Автор: Czy buk moЕјe wyrosnД…Д‡ w ciД…gu jednej nocy? Owszem. W ogrodzie Е›piewaczki Zofii Simeonidis w ParyЕјu. Tyle Ејe odtД…d kobieta nie moЕјe zmruЕјyД‡ oka, po nocach myЕ›lД…c o tym drzewie. A potem znika, co wcale nie dziwi jej mД™Ејa. Mateusz, Marek i ЕЃukasz, trzej sД…siedzi Zofii, wspomagani przez byЕ‚ego policjanta – inspektora Vandooslera, prГіbujД… rozwikЕ‚aД‡…

20. Un Crime Читать →

Автор: «