Leonard Elmore

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01. Djibouti Читать →

Жанр: Триллер «Xavier watched two legionnaires stroll out from the terminal to wait for the flight: dude soldiers in round white kepis straight on their heads, red epaulets on their shoulders, a wide blue sash around their waist, looking like they from some old-time regiment except for the short pants and assault rifles. Standing there waiting for…

02. Hombre Читать →

Жанр: Вестерн John Russell has been raised as an Apache. Now he's on his way to live as a white man. But when the stagecoach passengers learn who he is, they want nothing to do with him — until outlaws ride down on them and they must rely on Russell's guns and his ability to lead them…

03. Last Stand at Saber River Читать →

Жанр: Вестерн Ingram Rescuing a frightened woman from an attack by a one-armed man, Confederate soldier Paul Cable learns that his lands have been taken over by the Union army, and vows to regain his property or die trying.

04. Maximum Bob Читать →

Жанр: Триллер Enter the world of Elmore Leonard. The setting is Palm Beach County, Florida, where someone places a live ten-foot alligator in the backyard of the bigoted, redneck judge Bob Gibbs-known to all as Maximum Bob-and his wife, Leanne, a former Weeki Wachee mermaid. Not long after that, shots are fired into the judge's house. It…

05. Unknown Man #89 Читать →

Жанр: Криминальный детектив Jack Ryan, Detroit's best process server, sets out to find a missing stockholder and finds himself part of a vicious, potentially lethal triangle, the perils of which are complicated by his growing love for Lee, a vulnerable alcoholic.

06. Up in Honey's Room Читать →

Жанр: Шпионский детектив The odd thing about Walter Schoen, German born but now running a butcher shop in Detroit, he's a dead ringer for Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS and the Gestapo. They even share the same birthday. Honey Deal, Walter's American wife, doesn't know that Walter is a member of a spy ring that sends U.S.…